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Huntington Beach California Paternity Attorney

Orange County Fathers Rights Lawyer

When a child is born to unwed parents, the rights and responsibilities of those parents are no different than if they would have been married. The father is still expected to pay child support and share in the upbringing of the child. He is also entitled to parental rights including custody and visitation.

Legal issues can arise in these cases when the identity of the father is uncertain or is being denied or questioned by the mother. Or, there may be instances where a man denies being the father and any responsibility to the child. In others, he may claim to be the father and demand parental rights. DNA testing can establish the paternity of the child decisively. However, without a court order obtained through filing a Paternity case with the court, the father may be denied his legal custody or visitation rights.

Skilled Representation in Paternity Cases

At the Huntington Beach, California based Law Office of Jeffrey D. Stearman, I can help to protect your rights and the rights of the child in these cases. Whether you are a mother trying to establish paternity for support purposes, a putative father trying to avoid child support payments he doesn't owe, or the father of a child trying to gain parental custodial and visitation rights, I have the experience to protect your interests.

As your attorney, I will pursue every legal option available to help you reach a positive result in your case. You will deal directly with me every step of the way and you will never be asked to work with a paralegal or other staff member. I make myself fully available to my clients so that, if I am not on the phone or with another client, you have a good chance of reaching me. If I am not able to speak with you immediately, I always follow up within 24 hours.

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Contact my office today to personally discuss your paternity questions. You can call 714-871-7778 for a FREE initial phone consultation or send me an email. I am available by phone during regular business hours and regularly check email evenings and weekends.